MCAT Physics

MCAT Physics

Our MCAT Prime mentors have spent countless hours to come up with a physics book that enables YOU to tackle any physics questions related questions (25%) of the section I of MCAT.

The time restrain in section I plays a crucial role in the outcome of the exam. You only have 95 minutes to answer 59 questions which gives you about 1 minute and 36 seconds per question.

  • Comprehensive
    Covers all the dot points topics required for physics Chemistry content of the MCAT.
  • Clear and includes precise information
    Provides clear and precise content that is exactly covering the dot point and does not include additional unnecessary information.
  • MCAT- specific advice
    MCAT-specific advice is provided in different topics and parts of the book. It gives an indication what formulas to be memorised to increase the efficiency in the exam as well as the topics that may arise based on the pervious years of the MCAT so you are well-equipped for the actual MCAT exam.
  • Worked out solutions
    Numerous sample problems of varying degree of difficulty to enable students to learn the basics and build their confidence as they get to the more difficult and complicated sample problems. The solutions provide diagrams and sketch of the problem to allow students to better understand the questions and also be able to visualise the problem without actually drawing it out.

Can you imagine the day when you open your acceptance letter to your dream medical school?

The overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that your hard work, determination, and unwavering commitment have paid off?

The joy of sharing the news with your friends and family, and the excitement of embarking on a journey to become a compassionate, competent, and skilled doctor?

To help you turn that dream into a reality, we have created the ultimate Physics for MCAT Preparation guide – a comprehensive, engaging, and effective resource designed specifically for students like you who are determined to succeed on this critical exam and secure a place in medical school.

Our unique guide not only covers all the essential topics of physics tested on the MCAT but also addresses your questions and concerns directly, ensuring you stay motivated and focused on your goal.

This guide is more than just a textbook; it is a powerful ally in your journey to medical school. We understand the emotional rollercoaster that comes with preparing for the MCAT, and we have crafted our resource to provide you with the support and encouragement you need. Each page is a testament to our belief in your ability to succeed and to our unwavering commitment to helping you achieve your dreams.

Don't let the fear of physics hold you back from becoming the doctor you are destined to be. Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to tackle the MCAT head-on and pave your way to medical school.

Are you ready to transform your future and embrace your destiny as a medical professional? Invest in your dreams today with the Physics for MCAT Preparation guide – the key to unlocking the door to your success.

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